SUMMER - Looking back Part 2

"I've spent a little time on the mountain, I've spent a little time on the hill...."   
Grateful Dead: New Speedway Boogie

We visited my parents several times this summer.  Jaden, especially, loved this.  He came to be VERY fond of "riding the gator and swimming in the creek".  That's all he would talk about for days prior and post.  [enter crossed eyed smiley here]
I love visiting myself, for lots of reasons, but there's just something about that mountain air that does a soul good. 
Jaden's Favorite Way to Swim

The donkey's - their names: Michelle and baby, Hillary and baby

Picking Apples

His absolute most favorite thing in this world - driving the Gator!!

My nephew, Wes Wes, that I'm smitten with.
Nana and Papa
Skylar got bored and got a hold of the camera ----

not bad for being bored, eh?

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