GUESS WHAT I GOT...............

I'm not sure the last time I was so excited.  I literally was bursting with giddiness as we drove to the Verizon Store this past weekend to get it.  It's still a little surreal that I have internet and can check my email where ever I go now.  My upgrade was significant - from a used, banged up qwerty keyboard, non-internet phone to THIS magnificent invention!

Yes, I'm a Apple and gadget fiend.
Let me visually explain.  Our house contains the following:
MacPro (joy's)
Apple Display (joy's)

MacMini (Skylar's)  
MacBook (Sean's) 
iPod Photo (Sean's)

iPod Mini (Sean's)
iPod Video (joy's)
iPod Shuffle (joy's)
iPod Nano (Skylar's)
Apple TV (all)
iPad (joy's)
Wow, all those pictures really brought it home to me, I think I need an intervention. Okay, I'll sign off now.

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