Valentine's Craft

Here is a cute craft I spotted on Pinterest.  Here is the link to the one I saw, which is WAY better than mine. 
These are cute, VERY inexpensive and personal alternative to classroom Valentines.  Personally, you'll never see any boxed Valentines in my house.

I had very little time to throw these together, so I used what was on hand.

Red Construction Paper
photo printed out on plain white copy paper
a bag of $1 heart suckers
exacto knife
scissors or paper cutter
glue stick

Cut your paper down to size so that there is a small border around your picture.  I just did this so that the picture would be more sturdy.  If it's printed on photo paper, it may be sturdy enough.
Then glue the photo to the paper.

Take the Exacto knife and cut 2 slits on the outsides of the fist.  I had to angle this one, b/c the stick would have gone right into his face.

Then push the sucker (lollipop) through the first slit, under the fist and out the other side.
I then taped the sucker stick to the paper on the back so that it wouldn't slide out.

There you have it.  Total cost - $1 (for the bag of lollipops)

I made it even easier and more simple and didn't put a "TO:", so that they could just be passed out to each child.


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