Flashback Friday

I'm back from cyclical break.
Here's a flashback Friday for you of my precious Skylar.  It's been hitting me lately how grown up she's getting.

Here she is @ 1.

Here she is @ 8.  Same sweet expression.

Let's me just mention the earrings here, since we're in Flashback Friday.  Skylar found these peace earrings in my sister's room at my parent's house recently.  These were mine when I was in about 5th grade!!  They had a dress up day at school and Skylar chose to be a hippie and wore these earrings.  I really felt old b/c I can remember vividly wearing these myself.

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  1. This is one of the most precious blogs you have made thus far!!! Man how time flies!!! She is growing up a beautiful young lady....I love her so much!!!