I've actually been putting into action some craft ideas that have been swirling around in my head.  Most of the time I see them on www.pinterest.com.  I see A LOT of ideas on there, so much that it's overwhelming!  I'm visual, and that place is a wonderland for visual folks, but can also be a nightmare.

So here is what I saw on pinterest:
After: Handmade Photo Frame

I loved the idea and knew that it would be easy to make, if I could find the right materials.
So, I went to my new favorite place, Cline's Antiques or "the junkyard" as my family calls it and found this old window frame for a whopping $2!!!!

I picked up some U tacks (Double Pointed Tack):

I just eyed where I wanted my first string, started on the left and I tapped in my first U tack, leaving enough to tie the string.

Put my string through, tied it and then pulled across the frame.  I did measure this, same amount down from the top of the frame, then tapped in my 2nd tack and the right side.  I then came back and tapped one in the middle.

Repeat all the way down the frame:

I actually tapped one in on the back of the frame for hanging and Voila, hang on wall.

Then, I clipped up my pictures with clothes pins.  I used regular clothes pins to start, but they were just too big, they took away from the pictures.  So I found smaller ones at Hobby Lobby and they worked great!

And I'm done!  Easy Easy Easy.  I love that I can change them out as often as I like and I don't have to order certain sizes for certain frames.  I really do love it - great display, cheap, it didn't take me long to put together.  It's just plain better than one large picture.  It's more of a statement piece.  :-)

Wall View:

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  1. Love this!!! Love it! I hang my pics with tiny clothespins across my kitchen window! This idea is fabulous!