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Another craft idea that has been floating out there and I finally did it!!  I've never been happy with our doors on our entertainment unit and I've always had this one lyric that I wanted to do something with it.

In comes my new craft/"business" purchase.  The Silhouette SD machine.

It's the same general idea as the Cricut, but this just hooks up to your computer and cuts anything you send it.  No additional cartridges to buy.  You just buy the machine and you're off.
Find out more about it HERE

You can also cut with any paper of choice.  Of course I looked for cheap and recycled.  So I gathered up all my magazines lying around.

It's funny how I looked at these magazines with a totally different eye when looking for certain textures and colors.  A chocolate cake and flowers didn't take on the same existence as before.

So here is an ad that I like the color purple in.

I loaded it onto the cutting mat, set up my letter on my computer and fed it into the Silhouette.

Voila!  an 'E'.

Seems easy, but repeat that for the WHOLE lyric, it was quite repetitive, but worth it in the end, I guess.
A cup of coffee for the 'M'.

And here you have it finished.

And now installed on the entertainment unit.

I'm usually not a big fan of plain white backgrounds, but in this instance, I did.  I wanted the textures and colors of the letters to stand on their own.

Of course this is a Black Crowes lyric, but means a lot to me with Sean and I sharing a same passion.

What do you think?

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