Easiest Pie EVER

I made this pie for a girl's  beach weekend and it was a HUGE hit.  3 of the 4 had made it within the first week after returning home.
Thought I would share:
It's called Cookie Pie and it reminds me so much of "Cookie Mush", you're familiar if you ever attended Camp Lurecrest.

Cookie Pie:
1 bag of chocolate chip cookies
Pie Crust - Oreo, graham, etc.
8 oz tub of Whip Cream
1 bowl of milk

Dunk 1 cookie at a time in the milk, briefly, layer on the bottom of the crust.  When covered, spread a layer of whip cream.  Repeat, saving enough whip cream to cover top.
Refrigerate overnight.  Serve and enjoy.

Easy, eh?  And it's SO good!!


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