I Spy Bottles

Here's a craft I did with the kiddos before they left for their week long trip with the grandparents.  They had a blast creating them and they're still a hit in the car.

I Spy Bottles
Plastic Empty Bottles
small trinkets
super glue
laminating sheet
hole punch

Grab a bottled water.  Make sure the bottle is a sturdy one and the size you want.
Drink to Empty.  Completely dry out, I put a paper towel in mine to speed up process.
Gather small trinkets around the house.  I found all mine, didn't have to buy anything.
coins - hair clips - safety pins - paper clips - buttons - seashells - toy trinkets - erasers - guitar pick - nuts/bolts/washers - legos - pen tops - candy - caps - craft supplies (pipe cleaner, googly eyes, sequins, beads)

Lay out the items going into each bottle in a neat fashion and take a picture. 
Print out picture.  I did mine about 3"X5".  I found self lamination sheets around this size at Target and put them in that.  Punch hole at top.

Start by putting a small amount of rice into bottle via funnel.  Drop in a few trinkets.  Layer again with rice and so forth until the bottle is filled to within 2 inches of top.  This leaves room for shaking and searching.

(sorry for the really bad quality pictures)

Very carefully add super glue to the rim of the bottle and screw cap on.

Loop string through the hole punched in your laminated picture and tie around neck of bottle.

Voila, you have your I spy bottles.

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  1. My kids love 'em (especially Kate). Thanks so much, Joy, Skylar, and Jaden!