Bathroom Remodel

I'm breaking the cyclical thing I go through - blogging regularly and then boom - screeching halt.

I've been told to update b/c they were tired of staring at the I Spy Bottles.
Well, this is a LONG overdue one.
Last year I remodeled the kid's bathroom.  Here's one tiny hint of a post about it.

Several things bothered me about this bathroom:
Nasty tile floors with red grout - that was coming up.
Tall, arbitrary cabinet in the middle of the bathroom.
Stained sink top.
Standard mirror that was dingy and couldn't be cleaned to look good.
Standard lighting.  I could go on, but i won't.

Here was my inspiration: A print by Masha D'yans.  I absolutely love here whimsical water colors and had to order this print.  If you want to check her out - go here:  http://masha.com/

 Another little inspiration:

The fun part:  ripping up the tile.  It popped up a little too easy.

Took out the arbitrary cabinet and when we did we found an arbitrary hole in the wall, so I guess it doesn't make the cabinet too arbitrary anymore, eh?

 So I:
prepped the floors for the new, free, cork flooring.  Hubby helped install those.
Took out cabinet, sink top, mirror, baseboards and shoe moulding.
Prepped walls and painted them yellow.  The first color was a little nauseating, so went back to store and added black.
Installed new light from Ikea.  I had to replace the box for the outlet - felt pretty proud about that one.
Hubby and I set the new sink top and hung the mirror. 
I made a frame from moulding for the mirror and painted it green, some paint I had left over from Jaden's room.
Installed new baseboards and shoe moulding.  Painted and caulked.
Hung new curtains over shower.
Here are the afters:

I'll post soon on how to make this contraption.  I was a fun project with the kids and it upcycled!

It took several tries with this frame, but I finally got it right. I think it adds alot to the bathroom.

It's definitely more open, bright and spacious in there now.  I LOVE cork flooring and was so thankful for the free materials.

til next time.........


  1. WOW! Love it!!! Love the floor, the lighting...everything! You know what I loved most? You put the toilet lid down to take a picture. Don't even get me started..................

  2. Well, I'm a little late on reading this - but it looks FABULOUS!! You envisioned it and made it happen...I love that about you. :)