I got on Facebook this morning and followed a few links.  One of them being to a lady, a photographer, that I've followed for years.  She's a great photographer, blogger, holistic expert etc.  I really enjoy her blogs.  However she just posted about how she is conflicted about what she's teaching and allowing her kids to believe and see at Christmas.  She's conflicted about "lying" to her kids about Santa Claus and too much consumerism.  She wants a more simplified, meaningful Christmas.  She even bought a DVD about why they call it Christmas - made by the veggie tales people.  She topped her blog with a picture of their elf on a shelf sitting with Joseph and Mary holding baby Jesus, so apparently she believes.
I've also run across other people bashing and questioning the Elf on the Shelf.  Why would you use something fake to teach your kids to act good?  Why are we using Santa and Elves to teach or kids that you get presents when you are good?  Isn't that the wrong message?

Yes, yes it is.  I do believe in a simplified Christmas, not teaching my kids to be good for presents.  But honestly, what are you teaching your kids year round is the question?  Are you teaching and talking to them about Jesus?  Why are you just conflicted at Christmas time?

If they are learning about Jesus, why He came here, what He did for us, what he is still doing.......then they have a pretty good concept of what Christmas is all about.  Everything else is just seasonal, right?  Kids are smarter than you think.  We have an ornament with Santa Claus praying over baby Jesus in the manger and my daughter said "Aww, reality and fantasy".  Of course, I subtly asked which was which and she said, "well, I mean a man who flies around the world in one night and delivers toys, that's kind of fantasy".  Never has she questioned a man who was born to a virgin, died on a cross for our sins, came back after He died and revealed Himself and now is in heaven and we can have a real relationship with Him, although we can't "see" Him.  That's reality to her.

Back to my point.  My kids enjoy Santa and Elf on a Shelf, but they know it's seasonal and enjoy the fantasy.  Jesus is REAL and we know, really know what Christmas is all about.
So stop struggling and over analyzing and fretting about what Christmas is teaching your kids.  Teach them all year and they will already know at Christmas time what's reality and what's seasonal.

I'm off my soapbox.
Good Morning or Mood Gorning as my daughter and I said to each other.  (Runny Babbit: a Billy Sook  by Shel Silverstein)


  1. this is good, Joy. I love what Skylar said.

  2. Exactly. I heard a woman the other day say she would not allow her daughter to wear a sweatshirt with Santa on it. Her mother (the girl's grandmother) made the sweatshirt just for this little girl. After thinking about it for a few YEARS, the mom realized that it really hurt her own mother's feelings for not accepting that gift. She also realized Mickey Mouse is no more real than Santa, but she didn't ban Mickey Mouse in her house.

    Let kids be kids and enjoy the few "kid fantasy things" left in this world. Joy is right, teach them about Jesus year round - always keeping him priority.

  3. That Skylar is a smart chick. She has it right. Love you Joy!

  4. You are too right. :) I love that Mia knows that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. But she's not shy to ask what Santa is bringing. LOL. Love you lots!! xoxo