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This here is another 'random' blog.  Each photo (taken on my iPhone) has a little story to it - each that can't be fully communicated on how much these moments mean to me as a mom and wife.

With these, I share a little glimpse into what makes me truly happy.

This would be when the 3 of us got creative and made 'headwear' for the mini Lego figures.

 Sean and I doing what we love....seeing shows, this one was Chris Robinson Brotherhood at the Neighborhood Theater.

 I was cleaning out and gave Jaden this old modem to tear up work on.

 Skylar's good friend Abigail came to her tournament game where she received her medal.

 My kids donning Marvin the Martian hats in Walmart and singing the Martian song. (yes Jaden is wearing his fireman suit)

 Does this really need a description?

 Jaden doing what he does best, using his imagination with whatever he can get his hands on.

 His Thanksgiving outfit they made at school.  Precious.

 We let Skylar order for herself and of course when sitting beside Nana, anything goes.

 His great love and something we do together EVERY.SINGLE.MORNING.

 This particular morning we built a tire shop, excuse me "JJ's Tire Shop" - please notice the J and J at the top.
 Surely he saw this idea somewhere, but he had been gathering tubes for weeks and then explained to me what he wanted to do and helped put it together.  He would drop his marbles in the top and try to guess which egg crate hole it would land in.  This was about an hour of entertainment for both he and sissy.

 Skylar and her best bud Maleigha at their soccer dinner.

On the way to Pigeon Forge, we stopped off at Cracker Barrel and they couldn't wait to play checkers.  I will say Jaden actually gave Skylar a really good game, it amazes me how well they both grasp the game and actually enjoy it.

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  1. I LOVE this post. Just those "little" moments that we carry in our hearts forever, but that slip away so fast. I can actually hear your joyful laughter when I look through these photos - LOVE.