Another Lego Post

It's amazing how much Legos play a part in my son's life.  He's obsessed.  But it's a good thing, to me it's  better than TV or video games.  He uses so much imagination and whatever part of the brain figures out how to plan and construct.

Here is his section to display and store:

Here are just a few of his latest inventions:
Everyone was going somewhere different on the plane daddy brought home from a trip.
This was a kit for a camper, but he turned it into an ice cream truck.  He took out the side window, added a cooler on top, an ice cream to in his words "advertisement" and notice the small speaker beside, so it can play music.

Here is the inside.  He also wanted to serve pizzas.

The ice cream flavors are displayed in the ordering window.  Orange, Strawberry, Yellow and Blue Superman.  He had lots of people waiting in line to order.

This is the cooler he built with a hinge lid.  The popsicles are inside with ice (clear legos).

 Here they are all together eating.

Here is his airport.  There is a man inside working on traffic control complete with his on megaphone that goes through the strategically placed speakers on the outside of the airport.

 Here is Jaden's Museum.  I swear I don't know where he comes up with this stuff.

 It came complete with it's own guard to protect.

 These are a few of the items inside complete with their own glass protection.

 Another view. He built the one with the bars and "if someone tries to break in and get it, the alarm (red light) goes off on top".

I have to be honest, I did add the fire sculpture in the middle for some art in the place.

 The Lego Store at Concord Mills has 'Mini Builds' once a month.  They give you the pieces to make that month's creation and you get to take it home......for free.  Granted there was quite the line when we showed up, but he was beaming and happy the WHOLE time.

this month's mini build

 We stayed around a little and played.  They have computers there that you get to pick what you want to create and it give the step by step.  He ended up with this......

I've seen lots of maturing in him lately.  His comprehension and curiosity astounds me.  He's becoming much more independent, which are always milestones I enjoy.  Today he has his graduation pictures at school and we sign him up for kindergarten in a month.

He just started soccer and I've never seen him so excited and committed.  He now has something of his own that he does, like sissy.  He is soaking up every.single.minute of it.  I have to say, he's speedy, let's just hope his inherited aggression doesn't get him red cards.  :-)


  1. Such a sweet and interesting kid! We have the camper kit too - - - - you are inspiring me to pull out the legos!

  2. wow...he is amazing with those things. I can't even think of what to say when I'm playing Barbies at our house. :)