On my way

Well, here I am. I'm sitting at the Miami airport waiting on my flight to Port au Prince. I've got a ton of emotions rushing through me. I only really know one other person on the team, I'm responsible for the material that we'll be teaching, I left the job I know so well, caring for my family and their daily activities. The ins and outs. I've given up a lot control over things which is NOT in my nature. But there is an awesome lesson in this all. I have no other option but to rely on Him for guidance, security, comfort and peace.
I'm excited. I know from my experience with my Honduras trip that He provides and provides abundantly when you relinquish that control. It's such a vulnerable feeling, like you are so exposed, but amazing things happen. I expect it.

Thank you all for your support in this endeavor. I definitely would not have the confidence to do this.



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