We took a little trip last Friday to Huntersville to the Discovery Place Kids.  I never imagined how long we would be there.  9:45 - 3:30!  I was dragging them out of there.

I post this b/c several moms have asked about it and I've recommended it to a few.  I thought Skylar (9) would be bored but she was anything but.  I gave her the freedom to roam around, but to check in anytime she changed places.  I think that kept her going.

Jaden - where do I begin?  This kid was in utopia.  I had shown him the site online before we went and he saw the firetruck area and flipped.  There are no words to describe his excitement and energy level when he was in that area.

*WARNING - these pictures are horrible, but it documented our trip.  I didn't lug my big girl camera there but took half with the iphone and half with the point and shoot that was on a wrong setting.

Yes, he wore his own personal fire jacket to the museum.  He was THAT excited!
 Real working levers and buttons!  My oh my.
 This was the extent of Skylar's visit to the Fire Station Area. ("I Can Work")

 Dressing Area - "real fire jackets and helmets"
 His favorite actually was the lightweight button ups that "they wear around the station when they aren't at the fire"
"I Can Work" We then headed to the "bank".  Complete with a drive through with tube and video.  We took these for daddy.

"I Can Work" Vet Area next.  
 X-rays and different films to choose from.
 Lab area, Grooming area, kennel, dress up
"I Can Be Healthy"  This was really neat.  They had booths for parents to sit and be waited on. (not pictured)  We spent a good bit of time here.
 Sinks, Microwaves, Cash Register, Oven, Brick Oven, Blenders, Freezers, Menus, Trays, Food Galore, Cabinets, Plates, Glasses, etc.

 A nice brick oven.
 Ice Cream pizza
"I Can Explore - Underwater"
 Submarine Guide
"I Can Create"

 "Town Center" Climbing Area
"Town Center" Stage.  A backstage area with a ton of dress up clothes and a big stage area for performing. 
"I Can Move" Airport area with magnets that you can change the flight times and places.  Security Check-In that beeps.  Vests to don.
 Suitcases to scan and an airplane to ride in.
"I Can Move" Race Car

 I only included this one so you could see his smushed nose in the helmet. 
 "I Can Move" Car Repair Area - Work Orders, Phone to take orders, work shirts and hats, tools for removing license plates, tires etc. 

Skylar stayed in the underwater area the most.  You can connect different tubes and reroute the water.
We took a break and walked across the street to Lupi's Cafe, where they ate ever single bite put in front of them, plus a couple snacks I had in my purse.
We would visit an area and go back to the Fire Truck, visit an area go back to the fire truck, you get the pattern.

 And oh my, there was a fire pole.  In order to get up, I had to push on his derriere, then he would step on my hand (my arm that's stretched completely above my head) and hold on his own for a few seconds and then slide down.  I know we did this at least 30 times.  I was worn out!  But look at that smile.
$8 per person - worth the trip.

There were a lot more areas that I didn't photograph.  Boat, small baby area, ambulance, farm, exercise (rock wall), brick/building area, etc.


  1. Joy---we LOVE this place. Ally could live there I think! what a great 8 bucks for sure. I love catching up on your blog...and yes, I do read it!
    Julie :)

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