So last year, we were at my parent's beach house in Surfside and they have a golf cart parade in their community of Ocean Side Village. My kids wanted to be in it, so we went last minute shopping and got some decorations. It was a lot of fun and the kids absolutely fell in love with it! Here is us last year.
So this year they begged and asked incessantly and we ended up going down in the middle of the week.  Sean, sweet daddy, drove down with us Tuesday night and drove back home Wed. night and then back to us on Friday.

We upped our game a little this year.

Others from the 4th:
my sister and newphew

girl time on the beach

everyday after playing hard is down time [my favorite]

boogie boarding
 We took Jaden to the local Home Depot.  They have kids' workshops the first Saturday of each month.  9-12, you just drop in, and it's free.  He loved it.  He made a wooden Penske moving truck.


  1. love the golf cart!!!! y'all know how to have fun:)

  2. Just now seeing this and absolutely loving it!!!

    Thank you for posting!!