So I purchased this camera, a point and shoot, it's shock-proof, crush-proof and waterproof.  Boy has it been fun this summer!!

It was weird getting used to the idea of grabbing a point and shoot camera and jumping into the pool with it.  We've had much fun already, trying new things and making silly pictures with blowing bubbles underwater.  Who would have thought?

Here's a little collection:

Jaden LOVES the pool, especially canon balls!  He has gained so much confidence this summer.  He wanted so badly to touch the bottom of the deep end.  He worked on this over and over for 2 days straight.  He would be happy about touching the sides near the steps of the deep end and then with one finger on the bottom and then that wasn't enough, he had to touch the filter!  Then it was hold on to the filter!
He requested to capture it on video, yes the camera does underwater video....

After accomplishing that, he started practicing the backwards flip/roll.

 Getting a little creative:
Looking up at sky and trees from underwater

Makes for a cool desktop

Underwater posing:

Happy Swimming