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As I mentioned in my last blog entry, our team, while in Haiti, came up with what we call the 'Cange Initiative'. 
In getting to know the students at LaPleiade School, we were invested in them, in their lives.  We knew and observed that they were not served a meal while at school.  And we know that some don't get consistent meals at home.  So the least we felt we could do was to somehow ensure that they get at least one meal a day.
So we all decided to team up with with an organization called STOP HUNGER NOW. 

This organization does a lot, but one of the key ways is to host meal packing events.  This is where an organization such as a church, charity, leagues, communities etc, sign up 40-50 volunteers and come together and physically put together meals.  These Stop Hunger Now meals pack a big punch! Every dehydrated rice/soy meal is fortified with 21 essential vitamins and nutrients.  This can go a LONG way for a child. 
Stop Hunger Now ships containers to needy countries containing either 142,560 in a 20-ft container or 285,120 meals in a 40-ft container.
The team's goal is 142,560 meals to feed the school children of LaPleiade.  This will feed each child a guaranteed meal a day, every day they are at school, for up to 5 years!!  What an impact!

So here we are:
Amber and I are hosting our Meal Packing Event at our church.
Wed. August 29th @ 6:30pm
We will package 10,000 meals!  This is a great hands-on opportunity.  We are seeking 40-50 volunteers to help.  There are a variety of jobs throughout the assembly line process that can accommodate children, the elderly and those with special needs.  
We also need to raise 25¢ per meal.  10,000 X 25¢ = $2500.  This covers the ingredients as well as the paid staff member that comes and trains and makes this event happen.
We need to raise this money BEFORE the event happens.
Please consider participating in this event.  It's a great time for families and friends to be hands-on together for such a needy mission.  
You can sign up and/or donate online:

Of course I want to see my church family there, but I would be honored to have my friends and family there too!

I challenge:
Can you give up a meal out with your family or spouse?  Maybe teach your kids or yourself about hunger while staying in and eating out of the pantry for a night or skip it all together.  
Make a donation with the money you would have spent dining out.  Just a thought......

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