Walls of fun

WARNING: Super Random Post

So walls.....

The sheetrock and spackle that hold your house together.  I like to paint them colors.  Warm and inviting pumpkin color in my office, cool and calming blue in my laundry, bright and cheery yellow in my bedroom, yummy avocado green in my kitchen, there is a neutral khaki in my HUGE den but that's b/c it's HUGE and lots in it.

I'm thoughtful, nostalgic, and visually inclined, so for me, I cover these walls in meaning.
Let me share what I mean:

So our office is a place that Sean and I share.  It's a room that reflects our passion, our mutual passion. Snippets of very happy times for us.
A fantastic show in Norfolk, VA @ the Norva.  A great live show. Artwork by Biffle.

We traveled to NYC to see this acoustic shows of just the brothers.

By far, one of the most exciting, special events ever for Sean and myself.  

Another true treat, we had front row and met them backstage that night.  Red Rocks the previous night.

Another wall are some of my favorite photographs.
The Golden Gate Bridge, jelly fish, zebra, both my kids in front of an aquarium, etc.

This is a drawing by Skylar when she was just 5. 
 And this is over my monitors, from Jaden at age 5.

Moving on to our HUGE den...
So on our Ikea entertainment unit, we have these 2 doors that are on either side of the TV.  I ordered a map and split it between the doors.  Then I tackled the laborious task of pinning our black crowes shows we've seen together.  It's been a conversation piece, at times I feel proud and other times I feel like a freak with all those blue pennants.  MANY good times and forever memories.

My good friend, Ginine, and I did this craft together.  Of course the idea came from good 'ol Pinterest.  Where would we be without it?
We traced each family members hands and then used embroidery thread and stitched their outlines.  

 A piece of work that I love from a GREAT illustrator by the name of Marq Spusta

So I blogged about this here.  It's been a great place to swap out candids and snapshots.  Well just recently I uploaded my instagrams photos to Printstigr.am and had them printed.  They came out amazing, however i probably won't use them again due to the long turnaround time.  The prints are just from the beginning of our summer.  I love the neat and tidy look, a change from the different sizes of the candids.

Now on to my Organic Bloom Frames.  I'm a vendor for Organic Bloom Frames.  They have a selection of 16 different styles and 50 something colors.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  Putting my order together I know took 10 years off my life.  I LOVE THEM though.  Very unique and different from your typical white and black square frames. 

My ultimate favorite.  I keep it in my kitchen and always have a 16X20 of my kids.

Another favorite combo.  These are our fall pictures from last year.
 So a few years ago, I couldn't get a picture of the family together, the downside of being a photographer in the busiest time of the year.  So I had caricatures made. These are in the hallway to their rooms.

Yet another year, I couldn't get a good picture for a christmas card, so we did a photobooth type thing.  Easy to get these pictures - goofballs.

For the past few years, I order these mini moo cards and have a few poses from each client's session printed on them and then I include them in my business Christmas card.  Last year I did it for my family and also bought a frame that custom fits the mini moo cards.  You can change the formation and orientation of each little card and it's frame.  Link to moo cards.

I also found this idea on Pinterest.  You take a frame, print whatever you want permanently on the paper, frame it, and then you can write temporary things with an dry erase marker on the glass.  I use this one in my bathroom and my husband and I write sentiments back and forth.  It's an encouraging, fun little thing.

 This is also hanging in my bathroom.  It's my favorite print from my days in film photography class.  This particular one was taken with infrared film and put in a rustic wooden yard sale find frame.

So there you have it folks.  A tour de walls in Joy's house. 
What about your walls?  I'd love to hear.

Peace and chicken grease.


  1. Love this. My walls are not as cool as yours!

  2. Thanks for the tour! LOVE all of it and I think we picked our house paint colors from the same palette! Your walls looks like they could be mine except there are no photographs (or anything!)on mine. I'm inspired now. I need to get busy printing some of these pics. It's a sacrilege, really. love, love, love this post!