Jaden's Drive

So, as I said I've been blogging a journal each day - it's not public -, but here is an entry I did back on the 22nd. 

Jaden has been wanting this $6.99 app that Skylar has on her kindle. Skylar got it for Xmas.
I told Jaden he would have to buy it with his own money. So he quickly gathered ALL his money and he had a whopping $1.07 in coins.
So the other day he was brainstorming and came up with and idea to make money.  He went outside and completely on his own, created different stations. He had them for people to learn how to different tasks.  He was a "Home Depot" guy and wanted to teach them all.  (Donning his Home Depot apron and all).  One was "dig for clay", "build with wood" and I forget the other. He made a sign with the white board and was serious about charging people for his instruction. He and his friend Nathan ended up both getting $3 each! Hannah from across the street gave them the money and actually went through his stations. Sweet girl.
So his total $4.07
So today at 30 degrees he wanted to sell hot chocolate at the end of the driveway. I really tried to encourage him not to, but he was pretty insistent.  So we made the hot chocolate, put it in a thermos, got some cups and he made a sign. "$1 Hot Chocolate" that boy sat up at the driveway for 2 hours and made $2!! One lady " came by and gave me a dollar for working so hard and then told me to drink a cup. So I did"
He then had enough for his app. He had a goal and made it!
All his own ideas.
Love him.

 and you probably know the game/app.  Minecraft.


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