So if you have been following my business or me at all, Amber and I have been highlighting our work in Haiti.
Well here's some updates.
As you know we've teamed up with Stop Hunger Now.  If not, read HERE.
Brief history:  When Amber and I traveled to Cange, we noticed that the school children did not eat during the day.  No lunch.  We knew they weren't guaranteed a meal at home.  We also learned that they were once provided a meal by Partners in Health
Our goal was to pack enough meals to fill one 40' container = 285,120 meals. 
We did.  However, a representative went to Cange in Dec 2012 to approve Cange's application.  They approved not 1 but 4 containers!  That's over 1 million meals!  This will not impact just the school we worked with but all 9 area schools!

So now, we are in the works of looking for funding and/or means of transportation to get those containers of meals transported to Cange.

Costs: approx. $4000 to ship and approx. $2000 in import taxes
import taxes + the transportation means donated

So my prayer, project and plea are:
Pray that this happens!!
Project: the first container is scheduled to ship in March.  All funds must be in place by this Friday, March 1st.  The rest are to follow soon thereafter.
Plea:  Spread the word...do you know of a corporation that has transportation means?  Do you know of a charity or grant that can aide?  Do you know of a donor?  Every little bit will help.

This is something I'm very passionate about.
This is something I'm invested in.
These are real children, that I know personally, that I taught.  Their families, I've met.
I want life's basics for them.  I want their bellies to be filled, their minds to be educated.
This is something I believe can happen!

If you believe, share our story, share their story.

We have a video that we've created, a letter we've drafted. 

Access the video here:
password: cangehaiti
[if you watch the video, be sure to leave us a comment to let us know you stopped by]

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