Geeking Out

Skylar last Christmas found an author that she really liked.  Rick Riordan.  She read a book, it was the first in one of his series.  Now let me back up.  Skylar didn't take to reading too well in 1st grade and really in 2nd grade too.  She did her homework or reading, but absolutely no more than she had to.
She read this book and it's not a dinky chapter book, it's super thick and super involved with characters.  She devoured it!!
The book was: The Lightning Thief.  The first in the Percy Jackson series.
This series is based on Greek Mythology and is a fantasy adventure read.  You have no idea how many characters are in this thing.  Gods, Goddesses, Half-Bloods, Minotaurs, half goat people (Satyrs) and on.....
Skylar has ALL these characters sorted out, understands them, what each God and Goddess is of and who is related to whom.  It's crazy.  She literally lives in another world.
So for Christmas she received this:
She flew through them!!  She loved every.single.minute of them.  We couldn't get her to put the books down.  We literally had to take them away from her so that she would sleep.
Her love of reading began.  I really am SO very proud of her.  Her reading scores in the classroom soared and she was highest in her class for the reading portion in the EOGs!  

So of course when that series ended, disappointment and depression set in...."What am I going to read now?"
Enter another series: 
This one at the time only had 2 books out.  She flew through them and then started yet another series while waiting and I don't mean patiently on the 3rd book to come out - THE MARK OF ATHENA.
She counted down for months for this book.  It was all she could do to keep herself contained.

In the meantime, we had "dress as a book character day" at school.
Of course it's Annabeth from these books:

The necklace is a VERY detailed necklace.  It just like the one that the character wears in the book, complete with detailed drawings.

She still wears this shirt at least twice a week.

So she found two other "geeks" at our church that LOVE this author too.  So, it was announced that Rick Riordan was coming to Concord Mills to promote his book that just came out, you would have thought that a mega movie star was coming!!  I offered to take these 3 girls to see him.  OH.MY.GOSH!  They sat in the back of the minivan, yes all 3 piled in the same seat when there was 2 open, and "geeked" the whole way there.  Discussing details of the book and squealing with delight over seeing their favorite author!  I was honored and proud of them, I would drive them anyday to see an author, now a Disney star or Justin Beiber, heck no.
He ended up speaking and they were GLUED!  There was a question and answer time and they were GLUED!
A very fun night with 3 sweet geeks.

I just thought I would share Jaden's take on the whole thing:
This is posted on his door....

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